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Thieves, Terrorists and Serial Killers

GTH-DNA will unveil the “DNA Hit of the Year" finalists at the 2023 Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) conference #HIDS2023

The DNA Hit of the Year program, now in its seventh year, is a global program established to demonstrate the power of forensic DNA databases to solve crime and identify missing persons. Every year, GTH-DNA partners with a group of international judges to determine which submitted case will be recognized.

Crime labs and police departments from all over the world submitted their impactful DNA database hit cases earlier this year. To be eligible for submission, cases had to be “cold hit,” where the criminal suspect was identified due to a match in the database where DNA from an unsolved crime scene was matched to a previously unidentified suspect in the database. Missing persons cases where a missing person was identified using a DNA database match were also accepted. The cold hit must have occurred between January 1, 2017, and September 2, 2022.

See the six finalists for DNA Hit of the Year here

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