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Celebrating Strong Women: Vanessa Lynch – The ultimate optimist

The ultimate optimist. That’s how Dr Vanessa Lynch sees herself – when asked how she would describe herself.

Lynch is the Regional Director for DNA for Africa and a Senior Government Affairs Consultant at GTH-GA, based in South Africa. She founded the DNA Project in 2005 and, in 2021, launched DNA for Africa, dedicated to the use of advocacy outreach and forensic expertise to aid the development of DNA databases and casework programs throughout Africa.

Lynch is a key opinion leader in Forensic DNA policy and law and has been lauded for her leadership in driving the adoption of legislation to administer South Africa’s national DNA database, the first of its kind on the African continent.

Before all of this, she was a lawyer. She’s now passionate about fighting crime through science. Lynch entered this space after the murder of her father in 2004 in his Johannesburg home. Since her father’s passing, she made it her mission to help educate South Africa on the crucial role DNA evidence can play in helping to convict criminals.

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