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FACE OFF: Innovations and Insights from the 11th Face Science Symposium 2023

If you missed the chance to join the 11th Face Science Symposium 2023, you can now catch up and watch here.

This webinar was a collaborative endeavour between the Eyewitness Research Group at UCT's Department of Psychology, the South African Police Service, and Facial Identification Researchers and Practitioners. This year's symposium (held 7 Nov 2023) was an illuminating exploration of cutting-edge research and support initiatives in the field of facial identification.

It covered a diverse range of topics within the field of forensic facial analysis and identification such as discussions on the role of facial composites in identification processes as well as an examination of dataset bias and camera position. We also heard about the optimization for facial image analysis, the impact of acute stress on eyewitness memory accuracy, and a fascinating case study regarding the murder of Adv. Pete Mihalik. Forensic facial comparison's association with image quality and prejudice in contact-own group face recognition was also discussed.

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