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Farm attack suspects shot dead in KZN

An elderly couple was brutally tortured, tied up and gagged at a farm near Greytown.

A spate of house robberies in the Bishopstowe, Wartburg, New Hanover and Dalton areas in the past months recently claimed an 84-year-old man’s life.

De Wet said on average, detectives in South Africa have 100 dockets to work on making it difficult to make arrests. He added the DNA backlog for samples taken at a crime scene is also an issue.

The same criminals carry on murdering people and committing more crime because there is no system in place to stop them. We also have a negative growth in the police service with detectives resigning and others going on pension, which is a concern.

He said the minister of Police has been speaking about the rural safety plan for three years yet nothing has happened.

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