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GBVF Summit: Cele avoids hard questions about DNA backlog

Police Minister Bheki Cele came under fire from activists at the Presidential Summit on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) on Tuesday when questioned about SA’s DNA backlog.

The summit is facilitated by Eusebius McKaiser who, in no uncertain terms, demanded answers and asked why it took so long to implement a GBVF council.

McKaiser also said part of him was excited that the DNA backlog was slashed from 241 000 to 71 000, although he was baffled. “Another part of me perpetually distrusts police stats,” he said.

“One of the questions [Police Minister Bheki Cele] must answer, besides what policing has done to eliminate gender-based violence since 2018, is to make available the raw data and methodology for how that stats are collated and put together.”

McKaiser said there is a gap between the police statistics and what activists tell him, so either the police stats “aren’t hygienic”, or activists are lying.

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