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Krugersdorp rapes: Police throw net wide in show of force but face tough task

DNA samples were the only means for police to establish who among the suspects were the rapists, gender expert Lisa Vetten said.

"The fact that they have arrested so many suspects means they don't know who did this. It's only the DNA that will tell who is responsible for the rapes. These men wore balaclavas therefore, we can't do the ID parades under these circumstances," she added.

Vetten said while the swift response was commendable, it should be the same for all victims of rape, including those whose ordeals were not publicised and as a result, have less or no pressure on police to act.

"It is becoming a worrying trend in SA. It seems justice is determined by whether or not your case becomes public. If you are a so-called nobody, then you don't get very much."

She added this also highlighted the importance of DNA testing to secure justice for rape victims, saying many of them either did not see justice due to the backlog or cases that continue without DNA test results.

Vetten said: "I can think of a few instances where cases had to go ahead without DNA because if the prosecutors try to postpone any longer, the attorneys ask for the matter to be struck off the roll because the State is delaying the case."

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