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OPINION | Ian Cameron: GBV - The biggest human rights violation of our generation

"In June 2020, Cele appointed an oversight commission that gets paid to sort out the DNA backlog in South Africa, but they have only met once since being appointed. How do they sleep at night, knowing that their failed oversight denies more victims of gender-based violence and specifically rape from getting justice?"

Ian Cameron writes about the other pandemic we have in South Africa – gender-based violence. The fact that the DNA backlog has not been adequately addressed means that this backlog will continue to increase, and more people will fall victim to these perpetrators before there is justice.

Join DNA for Africa in talking about these issues this Women’s Month while we support survivors like Mbali Shongwe, Tshianzi Tshinaba, Ashlee Abrahams-Fitzgerald and Tayla Johnson in telling their stories and seeking justice. Follow #MyVoiceForJustice for more. #JusticeIsInOurDNA

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