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Police Annual Reports 2022: Cele’s failure by numbers

The release of the South Africa Police Service (SAPS), DNA Board and Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) Annual Reports for 2022 paints a grim picture of South Africa’s crime status and police minister, Bheki Cele’s inability to curb crime in the country.

The increase of crime across the board is yet another indication that Bheki Cele is not fit to continue serving as the Minister of Police. If President Ramaphosa still cares about the safety of South Africans, the logical thing to do is to fire him.

While crime increased, Cele made sure to increase his VIP cadre protection and security services budget from R3.26 billion in 2021 to R3.48 billion. It would seem the minister is completely detached from the crime plaque facing SA.

Despite the Police Minister’s promise of clearing the backlog on DNA samples, 154 204 samples still remained at year end, with only around 2% of all samples collected being processed within 30 days from receipt, delaying and thus denying justice to these victims.

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