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Police working ‘day and night’ to address DNA backlog - Masemola

National commissioner Fannie Masemola says the South African Police Service is working day and night as it attempts to wipe out the DNA backlog. He briefed the media on the police’s festive season plans at the SAPS academy in Tshwane on Friday.

"The DNA backlog, we have put in place everything that will ensure that we don't go back where we come from. As I said, there is some new equipment that has been bought. Also we are working day and night on this backlog to make sure that at the end of the day we don't have a backlog but work that needs to be done on a normal course. We do regret having a backlog, we do regret it because it is something that came there for various reasons."

According to police statistics, the current DNA backlog stands at 64 000, which is a 55.02% reduction since Masemola assumed office in April.

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