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To enable our forensic community to learn from best practices in the use of DNA Evidence to solve cases and prevent violent crime, as well as for humanitarian efforts, we have created a 'DNA Toolkit' of resources below.

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Prof. Bruce Budowle
The importance of publishing

We would like to encourage more publications from Africa,

as these help with getting funding and support for the development of DNA infrastructure and policy in the region.

Prof. Bruce Budowle is one of the most published forensic scientists in the world and has written a piece exclusively for DNAforAfrica about the impact publishing has on driving DNA policy in developing countries. 

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Making Sense of
Forensic Genetics

This guide shares what DNA analysis can currently do in the criminal justice system, what its limitations are, and what might be possible in the future. It includes graphics and real-life cases where DNA evidence has been a game changer in investigations as well as where its misuse has led to miscarriages of justice. We hope this guide will be a useful resource to anyone who works with, or crosses paths with DNA evidence in the criminal justice system.

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Best Practices
Sexual Assault Kits

The recommendations in this document are not mandated by any governing body but provided as recommended best practices based on research, well-established processes from other disciplines, extensive professional experience of the working group members, and input from the public.

While it relates specifically to USA best practices allowed in their criminal justice system, it has global application.

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2022 Report
Trafficking in Persons

This year’s Trafficking in Persons Report turns the spotlight to more clearly illuminate the impact of human trafficking on our global community and on actions we can take as individuals, and as a society, to combat this deplorable crime everywhere it occurs, especially in the most at-risk communities.

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Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act 8 of 2022

South Africa has passed a new law that mandates that convicted offenders must have their DNA samples taken prior to release or being eligible for parole and the resultant DNA profile must be added to the DNA database. This new law will help solve cold cases and discourage recidivism especially in sexual violence cases. 

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Convicted Offender Act
Mandatory DNA sampling

Gender Based Violence & Femicide
National Strategic Plan

The NSP aims to provide a multi-sectoral, coherent strategic policy and programming framework to strengthen a coordinated national response to the crisis of gender-based violence and femicide by the government of South Africa and the country as a whole. The strategy seeks to address the needs and challenges faced by all, especially women across age, sexual orientation, sexual and gender identities; and specific groups such as elderly women, women who live with disability, migrant women and trans women, affected and impacted by the gender-based violence scourge in South Africa.

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Evaluating the CURRENT STATE of crisis response to sexual assault

Following discussions with African criminal justice professionals about issues of sexual violence in 2019,  RAINN set out to conduct a study about the existence and quality of crisis response to sexual assault in six African nations.

The aim of this research was to identify the availability of comprehensive

post-rape care for survivors, and the capacity to hold offenders

accountable through DNA evidence.

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Fighting Crime with Science

This guide is developed to create DNA awareness around DNA evidence and DNA profiling in South Africa. It includes information for victims of crime, how to manage a crime scene and explains how DNA databases work to secure justice.

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