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Welcome to DNAforAfrica!

We're a one-of-a-kind forensic networking and information platform dedicated to advancing the use of DNA profiling and policies in Africa for justice and humanitarian purposes.

  • Our organization is committed to promoting the use of DNA technology to solve crimes, bring perpetrators to justice, and assist in humanitarian efforts across the continent. Through our platform, we connect experts, advocates, and policy makers to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and drive positive change.

  • At DNAforAfrica, we believe that DNA profiling can be a powerful tool for promoting justice and human rights in Africa. We're passionate about spreading awareness of the potential of this technology and advocating for the adoption of DNA policies that can make a real difference in communities across the continent.

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Dr Vanessa Lynch


Vanessa Lynch is the Regional Director of DNAforAfrica, and a Government Affairs Consultant, based in South Africa. Vanessa has extensive experience leading nationwide policy initiatives and working with governments to advance dynamic DNA legislative and policy changes.


Vanessa founded The DNA Project in 2005, and in 2021 launched @DNAforAfrica, dedicated to the use of advocacy outreach and  forensic expertise  to aid the development of DNA databases and casework programs throughout Africa.

Vanessa is regarded as a key opinion leader in the field of Forensic DNA policy and has been lauded for her leadership in driving the adoption of legislation to administer South Africa’s National Foremsic DNA Database, the first of its kind on the African continent. Serving as Deputy Chair of the National Forensic Oversight and Ethics Board (SA), she monitored the implementation of the provisions of the DNA Act in its first five years and now serves on the DNA Forensic DNA Policy Board for Africa as well as the Forensic Databasing Advisory Board (FDAB) for the Internatioanl Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG).

Vanessa obtained her Law degree (LLB) at the University of Cape Town in and completed her Doctorate of Laws (LLD) at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town.

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