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OVERVIEW of Themes and Topics in #FF past editions

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Launch of #ForensicFridays
20 Jan 23
Importance of publishing: Professor Bruce Budowle
Spotlight: Human trafficking
East Africa News: Diploma in Mortuary Science
CSI Pearl Afia Dansowaa, Forensic DNA investigator, Ghana
Introduction to DNA for Africa
27 Jan 23
DNAforAfrica mission explained
Map Project: of DNA Progress in Africa
Spotlight: Convicted offenders still not being sampled
Public Awareness Initiative: The Confident Scientist Outreach
Mbali Shongwe, Change Advocate, SA
3 Feb 23
Global SAK Donation Project
Event announcement: HIDS 2023
Call to Action: No DNA, no release of offenders!
Jennifer Degner, SANE, Texas
Dedication to survivors
10 Feb 23
Podcast: The Queen of Crime tells her story (Nicole Engelbrecht)
Tips on "How to" get published shared by Prof. Bruce Budowle
Threesis academic challenge: Calling for African submissions
Event announcement: FIU 12th annual Forensic Science Symposium
Victor Omondi, Forensic Scientist, Kenya
Connectivity = Change
17 Feb 23
Structured DNA profiling programme
Warrior Woman: Adv. Bonnie Currie-Gwamo
Case study: DNA genealogy match leads to arrest in Idaho killings
SAK global donation project update
Dr Uwom Eze, ASFM President, Nigeria
DNA legislation and oversight
24 Feb 23
Launch: Virtual HIDS 2023
DNA backlog reduction promotes justice
Convicted offender index: essential index on national DNA database
Panel Discusison Event
Dr Aaron Amankwaa, Forensic Biometrics and Genetics Researcher
Informed consent
3 Mar 23
Tips on informed consent by Prof. Bruce Budowle
Informed consent in practice: UCT academic research
Forensice Genetic Frequency Databasis Ethical Considerations Workshop Budapest, Event announcement:
Final call 10th ASFM in Kigali, Rwanda
Prof Marion Mutugi
Recap 10th ASFM Conference in Rwanda
10 Mar 23
African Forensic Science Academy (AFSA): Launch announcement:
How genetics also helps support gorilla conservation
ASFM the story of a coconut, a mouse, and touch DNA
Truly African research: Scarification and tribal markings
Dr Grace Midigo, Pathologist
Accreditation and regulation
17 Mar 23
Zambia: The first forensic science regulator in Africa
Case study: Henri van Breda trial
To be, or not to be accredited: Opinion piece Vanessa Lynch
Chat with Guillermo Ortiz, Lead/Technical Assessor, ANAB, What is an ISO standard?
Innocent Makasa, Zambia
Reflection edition: In loving memory
24 Mar 23
Launch: 3rd Forensic DNA Symposium 2023
Why mass burials are not recommended for mass disasters
DNA from Beethoven's hair reveals a suprise
Swabbing techniques for forensic DNA revoery: Help to inform standardisation of DNA collection protocols across casework
John Lynch
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