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We are proud to present the 4th Forensic DNA Symposium, yet another groundbreaking event bringing together African and International Forensic Experts. This year’s event will be held in the beautiful country of Zambia alongside the spectacular Victoria Falls, where we continue our tradition of showcasing the beauty and splendor abundant in our region. Moreover, DNAforAfrica and our event partners ICRC and UNODC have worked hard to ensure that this year’s event achieves sustainable outcomes with a concrete implementation plan emanating from the ideas and frameworks we are proposing for forensic capacity development in our region.

We are also excited to announce UCT as our new event partner, who has come on board this year with Interpol, who are joining us as a key stakeholders in these crucial engagements. We are further grateful for the unwavering support of the Zambian Government, which is working with us to host a world-class event. Their contributions to ensuring we have a platform for the necessary engagements to progress with our proposed initiatives are critical, and their support and knowledge base, which they bring to the table, are invaluable.

This year’s format will be offering IN PERSON attendance only

as we believe live attendee participation will be key to achieving sustainable outcomes. 

We are organizing the event into two pivotal tracks which will run concurrently:

- DNA Databasing

- DNA & GBVF Interventions

Participants must select the track where their expertise can contribute most effectively, as attendance in both tracks simultaneously will not be possible.

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