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This page is dedicated to our network of people

united against crime in Africa: Change advocates, lobbyists,

forensic scientists, researchers and humanitarians.


DNAforAfrica's objective is to highlight the importance of DNA sampling

when it comes to fighting violent crime, human trafficking, sexual assault and missing persons cases. Advocacy in this arena is very low in Africa and we believe that by amplifying each other's voices,

we can make our message clear. 


Click on each picture to learn more about each DNA Crusader's work.

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Uwom Okereke Eze is a forensic pathologist and clinical forensic physician specialising in forensic death investigation, medicolegal systems, management of the dead, and clinical forensic caseloads.
Uwom is also the President of the African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM).

Dr Uwom Eze
Forensic Pathologist
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south africa
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