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This page is dedicated to our network of people

united against crime in Africa: Change advocates, lobbyists,

forensic scientists, researchers and humanitarians.


DNAforAfrica's objective is to highlight the importance of DNA sampling

when it comes to fighting violent crime, human trafficking, sexual assault and missing persons cases. Advocacy in this arena is very low in Africa and we believe that by amplifying each other's voices,

we can make our message clear. 


Click on each picture to learn more about each DNA Crusader's work.

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Mr Innocent Makasa is specializing in Forensic DNA Analysis and has played a pivotal role in the establishment of Zambia's first Forensic DNA Laboratory. As an advocate for quality standards, Makasa strives to enforce statutory measures to eliminate the misapplication of forensic science. Currently, Makasa is working diligently towards establishing the Zambian autosomal and gonosomal DNA Population databases, which will provide statistical estimation of the evidential value of a DNA match.

Mr Innocent Makasa
Forensic Analyst
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south africa
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