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5 935 rapes recorded over 2 months, crime statistics reveal

Between October and December 2022, South Africa recorded an alarming 5 935 rape incidents, says Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Releasing the 2022/23 third quarter crime statistics, the Minister said the reported rape cases took place at the residence of the perpetrator/victim, including residences known by victims/ perpetrators. These were family, friends and neighbours.

In the same period, he said 4 992 suspects were arrested for gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) and related crimes. In the three months, sexual offences increased by 9.6%.

All Sexual Offences decreased by 25.4%

Over the three months, 71 accused were handed down 89 life sentences for sexual related crimes.

Above this, 219 accused were sentenced between one to nine years imprisonment, culminating to a total of 1079 years behind bars.

A further 143 accused were sentenced between ten to 19 years imprisonment, which was a combined sentence of 2 063 years’ imprisonment.

Another 67 accused were collectively sentenced to 20 years and more for GBVF related crimes.

The Minister welcomed the sentencing of the killer of the eight-year-old Tazne Van Wyk, who was this week convicted to nine life sentences and 259 and half years behind bars, for the gruesome murder and rape of the young girl.

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