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Could DNA evidence on dogs help track down offenders?

In a new study, forensic scientists reveal that our furry friends might just become invaluable assets in police investigations.

By residing at the crime scene or even being witnesses themselves, dogs could offer vital clues to crack cases wide open. "This study demonstrated that human DNA can be transferred to dogs upon contact by a person's hand and that it can be transferred from dogs to a contacting surface, such as during patting and walking," says first author Heidi Monkman, from Flinders University's College of Science and Engineering. "This information may assist those investigating criminal acts in which dogs are involved to consider situations in which it may be useful to sample for human DNA from a dog." The article, "Presence of Human DNA on Household Dogs and Its Bi-Directional Transfer," has been published in Genes. More information: Heidi Monkman et al, Presence of Human DNA on Household Dogs and Its Bi-Directional Transfer, Genes (2023). DOI: 10.3390/genes14071486 Read more here


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