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Databases: An Essential Tool For Law Enforcement

Interpol databases are important tools used by law enforcement agencies around the world to help them in their fight against crime. The International Criminal Police Organization, more commonly known as Interpol, is an intergovernmental organization that facilitates international police cooperation. Interpol databases are used to store and share information about criminals, their associates and activities, and to locate and identify criminals across borders. They provide access to a wide range of data, including stolen objects, wanted persons, stolen documents, and stolen vehicles. The databases are constantly updated and are used by law enforcement agencies to quickly access and share relevant intelligence, such as fingerprints and photographs, and to coordinate investigations. The information stored in Interpol databases can be a valuable resource to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat crime.

A database is a collection of recorded data that is stored on a computer and can be accessed by others. Personnel data refers to government records pertaining to individuals maintained by the government based on their employment or application. This policy defines an employee as anyone who is an employee on the basis of a voluntary or independent contract. A Web Site is one that maintains a presence on the Internet or on any public data network. Technical data, as a scientific or technical term, refers to recorded information. Computer software and data are not included in the term if they are not related to contract administration, such as financial or management information. A database is a collection of data or information that has been compiled and aggregated.


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