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DNA Hit of the Year, live from DC

It's a 5 am start to catch the sun rising above Capitol Hill... this is where Vanessa Lynch together with Tim Schellberg from GTH DNA, presented the six finalists chosen for this year's DNA Hit of the Year award for #HIDS2024.

By sharing the Hit of the Year cases, they are able to show law enforcement and forensic departments all over the world the value of DNA databases—not just to identify suspects but also to exonerate the innocent and identify missing people. The foundations of the American DNA database program all tie back to this city, where the FBI established the standards for DNA databases, shaping the practices used by most countries today, including the development of CODIS. A fitting and cool location to #REVEAL this year's finalists at #HIDS2024

Catch what Vanessa had to say, live from Washington, DC, where she spent time meeting and connecting with some inspiring people and organisations and the opportunity to present the '2023 DNA Hit of the Year' award at Capitol Hill for #HIDS2024. Read more here


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