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Enhancing Justice & Medico-legal Capacity in Africa


The ICRC African Centre for Medicolegal Systems (ACMS) and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Missing Persons Centre initiated the inaugural meeting in November 2022, gathering diverse national and international agencies. This laid the groundwork for the establishment of an International Organization Consortium on Justice and Medicolegal Capacity Building in Africa. This 3rd Meeting, held from 4-5 December 2023 promoted the sustainability of these collaborative efforts, focusing on enhancing African justice and medicolegal capacities while exploring future collaboration opportunities for 2024. Watch the highlight reel here.


Here are some of the Outcomes from the 3rd International Organization Consortium Meeting:

  1. Continued Engagement and Collaboration: The meeting facilitated the strengthening of existing collaborations and the formation of new partnerships among organisations working towards enhancing justice and medico-legal capacity building in Africa. Participants shared experiences, best practices, and lessons learned, creating a dynamic platform for cross-organisational interaction.

  2. Showcased Current and Future Initiatives: Participating organisations presented their ongoing projects and initiatives related to justice and medicolegal capacity building in Africa. By showcasing these initiatives, attendees gained insights into the diverse efforts being undertaken to address challenges and gaps in the field.

  3. Explored Collaborative Avenues for 2024: Building on the success of past collaborations, the meeting identified potential areas of collaboration for the year 2024. Through interactive discussions, participants identified joint projects, initiatives, and strategies that could collectively drive progress and impact in the field.

  4. Operational Briefs on Current African Conflict Contexts: Understanding the role of forensic science in the context of armed conflict was emphasised. The meeting provided operational briefs on conflict situations in Africa, highlighting the role of forensic science in resolving cases of missing persons and identification of human remains, providing evidence, ensuring justice, and promoting accountability during complex conflict scenarios.

By successfully reaching these objectives, the Consortium has not only consolidated additional valuable resources, it has moved towards establishing collaboration guidelines that lay the groundwork for future collaborative projects, paving the way for enhanced justice and medicolegal systems in Africa. Thanks to ACMS for hosting this constructive platform. If you think your organisation will add value or benefit to this Consortium, contact The Head of Head of the African Centre for Medicolegal Systems at ICRC, Mr Stephen Fonseca.



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