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High Cost of DNA Affecting Justice Delivery in Africa

In Africa, the cost of a DNA test and other forensic evidence is so high that everyone can’t afford it, which could also affect some people when it comes to justice.

As DNA tests are meant to prove people right or wrong, especially in justice, here comes forensic science, where there is no need for confession but evidence-based facts.

Effective forensic evidence is used to successfully build safer communities based on evidence not speculations.

During the 10th African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM) conference to focus on harmonizing evidence-based forensic science practice in Africa, Dr Samuel Keshinro, a forensic pathologist from Nigeria, gave hope that as time passes, technology will evolve and this will make DNA prices low enough that everybody could afford it.

“When new things come up, they are so expensive. DNA also might be expensive now, but with time, it will be cheaper and everyone will be able to afford it.” Said Dr Samuel


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