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Are you a journalist or media professional interested in learning about the role of forensic DNA profiling in Africa? DNAforAfrica in partnership with ICTRC, UNODC and the Wits Centre for Journalism have curated a two-hour online workshop all about forensic DNA in Africa. Discover how the science works and how DNA profiling and DNA databases can aid humanitarian efforts and criminal justice investigations. Led by a panel of forensic experts from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and the United States, you will have the opportunity to hear firsthand about DNA profiling and human identification in various contexts. From crime scene investigations to mortuaries, and even in conflict and mass disaster situations. The panel will also discuss the application and limitations of DNA technology, highlighting how it is currently being used in forensic practice in Africa. The esteemed host for the workshop is Dr. Nechama Brodie, a respected journalist, author, and researcher on social violence from the Wits Centre for Journalism. Dr. Brodie will facilitate the discussion and invites participants to submit questions in advance of the workshop. 🔗 Register here to secure your spot.


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