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#MVFJ2023 Winners Announced

This year, our six #MVFJ nominees were incredibly close in votes, particularly the top two. After seeking the input of our final panel of judges, it was unanimously decided that as these top two nominees embody the values of humanity and justice: one with a focus on Justice in Africa and the other a True Humanitarian in Africa. Hence, we proudly declare Stephen Fonseca and Yasin Farah the JOINT WINNERS of the #MVFJ2023.

While all six of our nominees showcased exceptional qualities, gathering overwhelming votes and messages of support and praise during the voting phase, Yasin Farah and Stephen Fonseca lead the charge and we hope they can carry this legacy forward and share their important work in Africa, each in their own capacities. We caught up with them after hearing about their nomination as joint winners and here is what they had to say:

"Wow what a surprise! Thank you so much for this recognition. I am honoured to have received this year's MVJ award together with the great Stephen Fonseca. I'm truly humbled by the recognition of my efforts, and I'm inspired to continue pursuing my work in the criminal justice system with even greater enthusiasm. I thank the forensic community in Africa, the DNAforAFRICA platform, and my colleagues in the justice system for their votes in recognition of my efforts in this forensic field. Thank you all, Yasin".

"What an incredible privilege to be voted by my peers. I'm humbled and grateful to share this award with Yasin Farah. But we are all winners because we have a stronger African community that is making incredible gains together. We have great scientists on the continent and others who visit our continent generously sharing their knowledge and experience time and again. Vanessa Lynch, it is this kind of creative initiative that brings us closer together, and makes the continent smaller and its challenges more manageable. We are today just an email or phone message away from local support. We are truly a unique community that I am extremely proud to be part of, and I'm so grateful to my fellow nominees and the many, many others in the forensic community who have invested themselves to support their colleagues and deliver professional forensic services to the victims, their families and affected communities who depend on us. Congrats to all the nominees and thanks to all those who showed their community spirit by voting for us, Stephen." This year the #MVFJ2023 has featured a particularly strong field, and our #ForensicFridays provided us with the opportunity to get to know each of the candidates better - thank you to Jennifer Degner, Aaron Amankwaa, Asha Auckloo and Sharlene Otto for your valuable contributions to justice and humanity and to the forensic community for participating in the voting process. See our 6 exceptional candidates below.

See you next year for #MVFJ2024!


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