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The timely donation of SAK items in Zambia

On the 16th May, 2023 the Forensic DNA Laboratory (Zambia, Lusaka) was commissioned by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Hon. Jack Mwiimbu. The commissioned DNA Laboratory is a cardinal element in the fight against SGBV and other violent crimes in the country. The Laboratory has since commenced analysing casework samples in criminal cases. However, the absence of Sexual Assault Examination kits (SAFE kits) is impacting negatively the integrity of the collected samples in SGBV. This led us to seek help from DNAforAfrica’s Global SAK (Sexual Assault Kit) Donation Project. Their donation has helped kickstart the much-needed quality evidence collection kits required to help combat sexual crimes, and it is projected to enhance sample preservation and integrity. Our prospect is that this kit will run alongside the conventional kit, and will be deployed in areas with limited facilities and qualified staff. We believe that in the fight against SGBV every effort counts, thanks to DNAforAfrica for the donation and continued support. Innocent Makasa Technical Director Quality Assurance National Forensic Science & Biometrics Department (NFSBD) Ministry of Home Affairs & Internal Security Lusaka, Zambia

DNAforAfrica in collaboration with Jennifer Degner one of its key project partners, have donated to Zambia to date:

  • 52 single-use speculums

  • 3 300 forensic grade cotton swabs

  • 1 375 drying boxes

  • 3 810 tamper-evident seals with barcodes

  • 752 tamper-evident bags


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