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The southern part of the African continent is called Southern Africa (distinguished from South Africa, the southernmost country on the continent). According to the United Nations' classification of geographical regions, the Southern African countries are:




 South Africa

 Eswatini (Swaziland)



South Africa is known as the rape capital of the world.

South Africa has an existing forensic DNA database.



Forensic DNA Profiling used in conjunction with a DNA Database can massively aid criminal justice systems to efficiently and effectively resolve crime, as well as protect the innocent.  Despite these obvious benefits, the use of DNA profiling and the establishment of  DNA Databases remains limited. We are making progress in South Africa specifically. 


The CO Bill should be prioritized as one of the most crucial pieces of legislation in the crime fighting arsenal available to South African Police Services today and the delay in implementing it has led to the release of thousands of prisoners since 2017 without having their buccal samples taken. The database needs to get populated with  samples to identify serial offenders and bring justice to victims.

The current status of the

DNA backlog is unknown.


SAPS have committed to reducing the backlog to zero by 1 November, 2022

"Each of these countries has an unmet need for both trauma-informed care and DNA evidence collection" 
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