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GBV AND CORRUPTION - a dual crisis?

"South Africa's pressing issue of gender-based violence intertwines with the pervasive corruption in law enforcement, revealing a disturbing reality where vulnerable groups face abuse and negligence due to a misalignment of priorities that fails to address the power dynamics at play, creating a societal crisis that demands urgent attention and action." By Siphokuhle Mkancu, in the article: 'Reflections on the intersection of gendered violence and corruption in an election year.'

In this article, political leadership is questioned for its failure to address deeply entrenched gender-based violence (GBV) exacerbated by power dynamics and corruption in law enforcement. Reports from a corruption watch oversight group highlight the vulnerability of women and marginalised individuals who face alarming rates of femicide, sexual abuse, and exploitation, worsened by corruption undermining their rights and access to justice. The article calls for a unified strategy to combat both GBV and corruption and points to academic research by the UNODC and Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment which discloses how societal inequalities and discrimination make women and minorities more vulnerable to corruption and violence.


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