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Handbook on Forensic Evidence Processing in GBV cases

How can we step up the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) targeting women in the SADC region? Alongside other GBV interventions, forensic science can make a significant impact. The new concise Handbook on Forensic Evidence Processing in GBV cases, launched at the UNODC ROSAF side event at #CCPCJ33 in Vienna, provides over 40 recommendations to guide forensic science capacity building in Southern Africa ( *checkout chapter 14 on forensic science capacity development). Let’s help drive forensic capacity building programs to ensure sustainable investment in all forensic science disciplines, including the creation of a national DNA database, resourcing of forensic units, and establishment of one-stop centers. Gratitude to Aaron Amankwaaa for leading this process and all the contributors and reviewers of the handbook for their invaluable inputs.


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