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Young Mandela's of the Future

MBALI SHONGWE: Nominated Among '100 Young Mandela's of the Future'

This month the world paid homage to the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, prompting News24 to celebrate 100 exceptional young individuals who are making outstanding contributions to their communities, Mbali Shongwe being one of them.

Mbali's personal experiences have become a catalyst for positive change as she utilises her knowledge and empathy to support those around her. She has notably played a pivotal role in changing South African law by not only advocating for the ratification of the Convited Offenders Bill alongside DNAfor Africa but for starting the #Letstalkbacklog movement to draw attention to the need to reduce DNA backlogs to prevent tomorrow's victims. Motivated by her passion for mental health advocacy Mbali also founded a youth-based mental health NPO Mindful(I) Organisation, which has been instructive in changing other survivor’s experiences.

Watch her interview here and follow Mbali to support this young and brave leader's journey. Read more here.


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