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TRAINING TOOL VIDEO: Forensic Human Identification Examinations in Mortuaries

ICRC’s recently released "Forensic Human Identification Examination in Mortuaries" training video promises to assist many in the continued training of judicial officers, law enforcement personnel, health personnel, forensic practitioners, mortuary personnel, forensic laboratory personnel, disaster management personnel, military officers, emergency responders, civil society staff and volunteers, and students. The video comprises 14 chapters which promote a multidisciplinary approach to the identification of bodies and reminds us all that families are an integral partner in and beneficiary of reliable, timely identification.    


ICRC hope that this training tool will be included in curricula at learning institutions as well as at training colleges for police, military, and disaster management personnel. Look out too in the coming months for translations of the product into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.


Please let ICRC know if you do decide to use it in your course, as they would love to know where it is being used. This information will be necessary to justify support for additional training videos needed.


"What makes us particularly proud is that this is the second training tool that we have produced in Africa that is being relied upon globally. It’s important to show that Africa is a leader in forensic science." Stephen Fonseca, RCRC Missing Persons and Separated Families Centre, Manager – African Centre for Medicolegal Systems, Missing Persons Global Response


NOTE - The training tool shows forensic identification activities that are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all viewers. The forensic procedures shown were carried out on cadavers; this is necessary in order to demonstrate the multidisciplinary approach of forensic identification to other forensic practitioners.


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