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Congratulations to Malaika Oringo, Director of Development AFRICAN SURVIVOR COALITION and past winner of #MVFJ2022 on her appointment as a member of the UNODC GLO.ACT Woman's Network Advisory Board which aims to address the gender-based aspects of trafficking in persons (TIP) and smuggling of migrants (SOM). Launched on 29 June 2020, the Network was constituted to help address the gendered nature of TIP and SOM, and grave underrepresentation of women working in and/or leading institutions responding to TIP and SOM.

Read below what Malaika Oringo, Director of Development AFRICAN SURVIVOR COALITION has to say about this recent appointment:


"We extend our sincere gratitude to the UNODC Women’s Network for acknowledging our cause and including survivors on this platform to share their profound expertise. The inclusion of survivor voices on the board not only amplifies their voices for global impact but also serves as a catalyst for open dialogues.This ensures that the often marginalised voices of survivors, particularly from Africa, resonate on a global scale. We believe this inclusion will not only drive meaningful change but also foster a holistic approach to combating human trafficking.Our commitment to empowering and uniting survivors aligns with the broader goal of eradicating human trafficking. We look forward to fostering more of such collaborations that elevate survivor narratives and contribute to impactful systemic change."


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